Mario Gonzalez, a.k.a Mario B -
Director of Salsa Fever On2 Dance Academy, Professional Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer, Actor

Mario has come a long way to become a Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor, and Actor. What's most amazing is that he achieved all of these goals with NO background in dance! It's true what they say, "Hard work does pay off!" Who would have
thought that Mario would transition from a full time athlete to becoming a future Mambo Legend.   The one regret Mario has had is not learning to dance at a younger age. That is why he is teaching and training his beautiful daughter, Diamond, to become a
future Salsera!  In addition, his love for the music and dance was Mario’s motivation to name his young daughter Jazzlyn.  
Mario is very well respected and one of the most humble, loved, well respected and adored dancers in the Mambo scene today!
Juan Portella - Cache Dance Studio - Bronx, NY

Juan Portella is the director and co-founder of Cache Dance Studios in Bronx and has been dancing for over 15 years. Training under Eddie Torres for over 6 years and working closely with Yvonne Gutierrez, and intense woman whose roots lie deep in the Cuban
tradition of body movement; he has been able to create his own unique system of teaching that has the ability to provide you with immediate results. With the combination of musicality and intricate turn patterns, he allows you to walk out of his classes and
workshops with the sensation of what it really means to dance On 2.
Mike Andino - Founder Estilo Dance Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Born in Manhattan but raised in Ecuador, Mike moved to West New York, New Jersey in his early teens. He was first introduced to Salsa in 2000.  By 2001, his passion for dancing led him to become both a performer and—with his background in teaching—an
invaluable dance instructor.
Although he is always smiling, Michael works hard and takes his career seriously. His drive and motivation led him to become a founding member of Art in Motion Latin Dancers in 2004. Later that year, he launched the successful children's dance group Kids Con
Estilo. By 2006, Michael's motivation led him to open his own studio, Estilo Dance Studio, in Philadelphia, PA, where his passion for teaching and dancing
continues today.   For Mike's full bio or for further information on Estilo Dance Studio, please visit:
  Raul Santiago Jr. - PA
Raised in the streets of Philadelphia, Raul Santiago Jr. always found himself wishing to pursue a career in dance. Raul began his study of dance at the age of 15, studying with many local Salsa instructors. It wasn’t long before Raul found his passion for
performing and began to perform with his local dance affiliations at various charities, Hispanic heritage events, and Salsa congresses.
While attending a Salsa congress, Raul was exposed to the On2 style of Salsa dancing, which he quickly mastered. This sparked an added interest in Raul, and he soon began to study many different forms of dance from many instructors. His extensive dance
background is evident in his unique style and choreography. Raul now directs his own dance team, Visual Impact Performers, and they can be found performing at both local events and internationally.
Within the past 2 years Raul has been invited to perform with renowned Salsa instructor, Jason Molina of Puerto Rico. Performing with Jayson Molina has opened many doors for Raul as not only a Salsa dancer, but as a soloist as well. He has recently spent
time in Australia dancing with Brazilian based dance company, Brazilian Fantasy. Raul can now be found teaching group and private lessons here at La Luna.
Alex Morel -
Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and raised in Paterson, NJ, Alex Morel is known for his musical style and flavor on the dance floor. He admits to always identifying with music of all genres.  In 2005, Alex began salsa lessons with renowned instructor,
choreographer, and director of Caribbean Soul Dance Co. Ismael Otero – also known as the “Million Moves Man”. With the help of both instructors and Ismael Otero and Shani Talmor, Alex was able to grow both musically and technically. Alex’s dancing soon
evolved and he would take moves he learned and hone them to match his own style. Today, Alex is also known for his unique and creative touch of traditional yet stylish Bachata. His “Bachata Killer Moves DVD” has received excellent reviews and has now
been sold in countries all over the globe. He has been teaching workshops and performing in countries such as Germany, Portugual, Israel, and Puerto Rico among others. Alex hopes to motivate and inspire the world through his passion for dance.
Norma Rivera - Unique Style Dance Studio - Carolina, Puerto Rico

World Champion of Salsa Open 2002. 6 time national champion of PR in partner and group categories. Dance of the famous Papito Jala Jala. Instructor and smooth dancers, specializing in 14 different styles. Owner of Unique Style Dance Studio in Carolin PR.
Director of 6 groupstrained in the same academy that represents PR at an international level. Director of the PR Salsa Dancers under Joey Hernandez and PR es Salsa. Also, a dancer for many different artist such as Sonora Ponceña, El Gran Combo de PR, Andy
Montañez, Tommy Olivencia, Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz, Michael Stuart, Raphy Levit y La Selecta and many others.
Fausto Felix is a professional dancer, choreographer, and model .  He has studied forms of dance such as salsa, Dominican folk, hip hop, meringue and bachata.  Born to Dominican and Haitian parents, Fausto is the product of New York's Boogie down Bronx .   In
his  career he has choreographed and danced with artists like Milly Quezada, Fernandito Villalona, Aventura , Joseito Mateo, and many more, performing across the world.  Fausto is currently in one of the most prestigious salsa dance companies in New York
City , the great Santo Rico Dance Company lead by its director/dancer/choreographer Tomas Guerrero.  
Farrah Benoit is a professional dancer, choreographer, and performer from New York City.  She began dancing at the age of four, studying ballet, jazz, tap for over a dozen years with respected dance studios and participated in many summer intensive
programs.  Coming from Haitian parents she grew up in an environment where rhythm was a part of everyday life.  While in her undergraduate studies in mathematics Farrah began taking salsa classes with Nelson Flores.  Through this experience rediscovered
the passion she had for dancing.  Farrah has danced for Santo Rico Dance Company under the direction of Tomas Guerrero, Proyecto Descarga under the direction of Sekou McMiller, Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow, Tito Ortos and Tamara Livolsi,  and trains with
the current World Salsa Champion Anya Katsevman.
Fausto and Farrah met at Santo Rico and began their partnership there.  After discovering that together they are a captivating, dynamic, magnetic couple, with a mix of street and technique, they decided to compete together in 2011.  They were finalists at
the Montreal Salsa Festival, New  York Salsa Open and the Canada Salsa Congress. They recently won and are the current New York International Salsa Champions.  Not inhibited by the stereotypes, Fausto and Farrah allow their passion and vision of success
to fuel their movement on a daily basis
Fausto and Farrah are available for performances, classes and lessons.   
Tomas Guerrero started dancing socially in 1991.

He was recruited from the social scene by Wilton Beltre in 1995 and became one of the original members of Santo Rico Dance Co. Upon being recruited Tomas had no prior dance training. Most of his training came through learning choreography and eventually
performing with Santo Rico Dance Co.
As a professional dancer and now Director and President of Santo Rico Dance Inc., Tomas has danced only for said organization, from their first local gig in 1996 performance at "Gozamba," a Dominican Festival in Washington Heights, NY, to teaching and
performing at venues across the globe, spanning 5 continents and over 25 countries.
Tomas' consistent hard work and relentlessness has earned Santo Rico its status as the longest-standing performance team in the world. To date, Santo Rico is recognized for its dazzling choreographies and their world_famous "Santo Rico spinning technique"
initiated in 1998 by Tomas Guerrero himself, used by most new generation Salsa lovers all over the world.
Roberto Figueroa

Born and raised in El Salvador. As a young child he was strongly influenced by his mother’s passion for Cumbia-a traditional El Salvadorian dance. Eventually Roberto’s growing passion for dance led him to be involved with several folkloric dance teams in El
Salvador. In April of 2002, Roberto moved to Boston to pursue his engineering career. He began to explore the Boston Salsa scene and soon fell in love with the world of salsa, as it reminds him of his life and culture back in El Salvador.
Shortly after, he was offered a position of Latin Artistic Director for Jam’nastics, a position he held for several years. He has now taken his passion for dance one step further with the start of his own company founded in the spring of 2007. As Artistic Director of
Rumba y Timbal Dance Company, Roberto has the opportunity and great pleasure of sharing his culture and love of dance with the communities of the greater Boston area.
As a professional dancer and teacher, he enjoys performing in and teaching at workshops and congresses all over the United States, Canada, and El Salvador.
Al Espinoza - Liquid Silver

Al Espinoza, also known as "Liquid Silver" has choreographed Hip Hop and Pop Locking dance teams all over California. He has performed for the capital, and many cities throughout the United States. He is currently taking the world by storm with his new style
of dance, which combines both Hip Hop and Salsa, creating what is now called "Pop'n Salsa." Al's style of Salsa amazes audiences with his incredible body movements and rhythm.
Kathleen Eccleston

Estilo Dancers of Philadelphia are under the direction of Kathleen Eccleston,
one of the most sought after dancers in the Philadelphia area. She has been dancing and performing for many years.  In 2010 she was presented with the opportunity to direct a dance group of her own
and Estilo Dancers were born.
Ottoniel Palacios y Su Show

Recognized as a top Latin dance competitor, performer and instructor throughout Colombia and abroad for over 20 years, Ottoniel began his professional dance career at the early age of 16 in Cali Colombia as part of various dance groups including, Ballet de
Azúcar, Crearte, Energía Solar, y La Culpa la Tiene el Son. Today, Otto directs one of New Jersey’s leading dance companies specializing in Colombian style Salsa, Otto Show Y Su Grupo Melao, which he founded in 2003. Under his direction the group has risen in
the international Salsa circuit as one of the leading Colombian style groups delivering breath-taking performances at major events around the world.